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Caring staff that was extremely knowledgeable and kind. They were able to diagnose and fix what was going on.

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The best ever. And now I can make sure I check in every 3 months like I should work automated calls to me. Thanks Eric.

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Joe Trujillo, on Google

Eric was very good at helping me.. I came in to the office without an appointment . But Eric, it took me right in to the office.. He solved all the problems even though I threw him Curve ball by accident.. I gave him my old phone instead of my...

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Dean Secord, on Google

Cody Sanders was very professional. Providing great interactions/service. He was very compassionate and very patient . Will highly recommend to friends and family ! Thank you Cody.

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Virginia Fernandez, on Google

Eric did a fabulous job explaining the process and the results. I did not feel rushed and appreciate the cleanliness of the office and the kindness of the staff

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Terri Hanson, on Google

Cody took care of me as he always does. Thanks.

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Sam Kirkpatrick, on Google

Greeley hearing just readjusted my hearing aids for the first time in 1 year and they are working great. The people at Greeley hearing are very helpful in the process of hearing done write.

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Joseph Roper, on Google

Cory is a courteous, respectful & understanding professional. Thanks for your kindness & patience.

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Dolores Perez Priegnitz, on Google

Cody was very knowledgeable and helpful. Very friendly and he showed me exactly what I needed. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Richard Drake, on Google