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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Dawn and Debbie

Dawn thought her hearing loss only affected herself, so put off getting help. Then she realized her family was affected, too.


See what made Todd change his opinion about hearing aids and why he regrets he didn’t change it sooner.

Jim and Carol

Jim didn’t want to wear hearing aids because he thought the technology was “old”. He changed his mind when he heard how much hearing aid technology has changed.

Terry Testimonial – Tinnitus Treatment Solution

Hear what wearers have to say about our new Tinnitus Treatment Solution.

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We are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 77 reviews on Google.

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Dr. Eric is amazing! He examined and shared valuable information on how to take care of my ears. Thank you for great service!

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Linda Miller, on Google

We just had the best appointment, we learned more information about my ears and options than our 2 previous Doctors combined! Thank You

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Keith, on Google

This place is family owned and operated and they make you feel at home. They explain in detail about the whole process so that everyone can understand. Bottom line I hear better now than I have in years.

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karen lyles, on Google

Today was a follow-up and maintenance visit. Eric is very friendly and knows his stuff. My hearing aids were due for an update and Eric did the updates on my aids and also updated the app on my phone. He also did a 3 month cleaning for maximum performance. I always enjoy going to the hearing center as I know I'll be taken care of in a quick friendly manner and all questions will be answered

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Steve Hinton, on Google

We’ve been doing business with Greeley Hearing Centers for many years. They have a great business ethic and are knowledgeable as well as friendly and caring. I will continue to use them!

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Gary Gain, on Google

Eric and staff are awesome. So kind and he takes the time to listen to my concerns. Great place!

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Monica Mika, on Google

I would like to thank the staff at the Hearing Center for helping me with my hearing loss. I am looking forward to my adventure of regaining my hearing

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Paul Shindledecker, on Google

Everyone was timely, courteous, answered my questions, and very professional. Atmosphere was relaxed and very pleasant. We established a hearing baseline which was my goal and will go from there as my needs increase. Thank you, Greeley Hearing Centers.

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Elaine Mundfrom, on Google

Friendly staff and professional

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Jody Arakawa, on Google

Excellent service!

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Rocci Howe, on Google

Very pleasant knew what they were doing and fixed the problem

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Toby Crowe, on Google

I was very pleased with my visit to Greeley Hearing Center in Brighton. Cody was very courteous and did a very thorough evaluation of my hearing problem. That even involved flushing the wax from my ears. His patient view, which allowed me to see what he was seeing, was very informative. I strongly recommend Cody and Greeley Hearing Centers.

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Bill Spickler, on Google

Greeley Hearing Centers - Brighton is always professional and courteous. Cody is great to work with on my hearing issues.

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Larry Leinweber, on Google

Cory is a courteous, respectful & understanding professional. Thanks for your kindness & patience.

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Dolores Perez Priegnitz, on Google

Great customer service

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Karen Tomb, on Google

Cody was very knowledgeable and helpful. Very friendly and he showed me exactly what I needed. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Richard Drake, on Google

Cody took care of me as he always does. Thanks.

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Sam Kirkpatrick, on Google

Very man will fit you in the right hearing aid 😉

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Irene Perkins, on Google

Cody and Art were both great. Explained everything clearly and simply. Took time to answer any questions.

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Sandy Halvorsen, on Google

Cody was excellent in providing information and had time to listen to my concerns. Very knowledgeable

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peggy hogberg, on Google

Fantastic, knowledgeable, compassionate, helpful everything you want in a doctors and more!

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Jordyn Waldschmidt, on Google

It was great. Cory is wonderful and always very helpful and knowledgeable.

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Raymond Schaefer (Ray), on Google

I want to express my deep appreciation to Cody Sanders and his Partner for their compassion to return money for a hearing aid not needed as my mother passed. Many professionals can do their job, but few have this type of heart, understanding and compassion in this type of situation. Thanks so much the money will make a difference for my wife and I as we don’t have much saved as I worked in non-profits with disabled people my entire career. You and your Partner are great people!!

Harry J.